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LSI in the Local Community

LSI Team Climbs the CN Tower for Charity

Last month, Krista Lazarow (LSI Torontos Student Services & Homestay Coordinator) and Rafael Cota participated in the 25th Annual WWF CN Tower Climb. They climbed 1,776 steps in one of Canadas most popular touristic spots. 

Krista, the students and LSI Toronto fund raised for those participating and a contest with prizes was held. 

Rafael and Krista had an experience of a lifetime in Toronto and were able to help a worthy cause such as a World Wildlife Foundation. LSI Toronto is incredibly proud to have these two at our school! 

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Language Learning Tips from LSI

Capture Your Memories

For many LSI students, their experience here at our schools is one they would like to remember forever. The friends they make, the fun times both inside and out of classes, field trips, nights on the town… When students leave, they often say that their memories of their stay are as valuable, if not more valuable, than the English that they learned. 

LSI has put together some suggestions on how to capture these memories and practice and improve your English along the way. Below are a few simple ways you can simply and simultaneously capture your memories as well as improve your English.

  • Create a video log
  • Tape voice memos
  • Write a blog
  • Make a scrapbook
  • Keep a journal
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Student Talk: What You Say About Us

Studying at LSI Zurich

Student: Ayuka Chiba, aged 27 

Ayuka hails from Japan and she studied on our ISY course (International School Year). After spending such a happy time with us at LSI Zurich, Ayuka wished to share some of her thoug